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The Real Reason to Learn Spanish is Beyond Words!

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Core Fluency Abroad: Off-Road Adventures in Spanish

Our premium Travel Immersion Courses are back!

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Core Fluency offers a way for everyone to learn Spanish:

Spanish Tutoring in New York  •  Private 1:1 Spanish Classes in New York  •  Spanish Group Courses & Weekend Workshops in New York  •  1:1 Spanish Lessons via Skype  •  Spanish Courses for Teachers  •  Core Fluency Abroad: Adventure & Spanish Language Immersion in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Cuba •

PRAISE for Core Fluency:

“I’ve learned more in three weeks in this class than I’ve learned in years of studying other languages! It’s been so much easier to go from Core Fluency to listening, comprehending, and responding in Spanish than it has been with any other method I’ve used!….”  Click to continue…

“Classes are upbeat, relevant and packed with learning opportunities…My ability to both comprehend & speak Spanish has grown tremendously.  For work, for travel, or just for fun, Core Fluency is my #1 pick for a program that values the client’s time, resources, learning style and pace.…”Click to continue…

Interactive…fun…effective! I took Spanish starting in middle school and into college, but I never felt as comfortable as I now do with Spanish…Expect to have a lot of fun, to learn a lot, and to gain many benefits!  I am so thankful for this class, and I recommend it to all…”  Click to continue…