Core Method

Core Fluency teaches from the right-side of the brain.


We believe holistic, right-brained teaching is best for language acquisition.

We teach to multiple intelligences and learning styles.

We incorporate the latest research on how people acquire, process, and retain languages.

The CORE Method focuses on:

  • Comprehensible Input (CI)

  • Output which is Natural and Unforced

  • Relevant Verb Structures & Vocabulary

  • Empowerment & Ease of Expression (Fluency)

What does the CORE Fluency method look like in the classroom?


1.  “Input” (what you hear or read) is always made comprehensible.   “Comprehensible Input” is necessary for acquisition of a language.  This means that you must understand what you are hearing or reading, or it stays a “foreign language” – completely foreign to you and unusable and unattainable. You will never acquire a language by just listening to a lot of it. You need to understand  – comprehend – what you are reading or hearing (the input), in order for the language to sink in…and to acquire a language fully. And then you need to have a LOT of repetition of these comprehensible messages.

At Core Fluency, we make all of the Spanish comprehensible, and with repetition, the Spanish is easily acquired.

You will never be left guessing what a word means, and the classroom becomes a completely safe and stress-free place to learn and grow. Learning Spanish is guaranteed to be fun, easy, and never beyond your pace!

2.  “Output” will be natural and unforced.  In traditional language classrooms, the focus is on the immediate goal of speaking (“output”).  But, this is backwards.  As babies or children, you are not expected to speak right away.  Right?  Think about all of the hours children spend listening to their first language BEFORE they produce any output.

At Core Fluency, we shift the focus of the class away from forced output (speech). Instead, we shift the focus toward providing COMPREHENSIBLE INPUT, in order to build a strong, unforgettable core language foundation for speaking, writing, and ease of communication.

If you focus first on the understanding and repetition of the input, you will naturally acquire the language.  Then, you will naturally respond, answer, and communicate – when you are ready –  just like you did when you were a child. The OUTPUT (speech) will EMERGE NATURALLY and unforced.

3.  We teach relevant word structures for practical Spanish and lasting results.

You will not be memorizing vocabulary from huge, impersonal, and impractical lists.  We concentrate on the words that are important to you in your everyday conversations – these are called the “high frequency words”.

All word structures and grammar rules are taught in context and through meaningful ways (conversation, role playing, student-centered stories, reading).

4.  You will acquire the verb structures by hearing them used correctly, in comprehensible stories or conversations — just like you learned how to use verbs and vocabulary in English, as a child. As a result, you will gain a sense of empowerment and fluency (ease of expression) in Spanish!