Core Fluency

What is Core Fluency?


Core Fluency is the ultimate choice for Spanish language education! We offer:

  • Group Spanish Classes, Weekend Workshops, and Private Classes in New York
  • Spanish Tutoring in New York
  • Travel Retreats for Spanish Language and Cultural Immersion in :
    • Sayulita, Mexico – small, laid back surfing village
    • Costa Rica – rain forrest spa + city adventures
    • Cuba – Havana, Santiago, etc.
  • Spanish for Educators, Spanish for Schools in New York


Core Fluency uniquely teaches Spanish by focusing first on building comprehension.  The Spanish is practical, usable, memorable, and enriching right away!  Unlike the traditional (forgettable) way Spanish is usually taught to adults, we intentionally guide learners through fun, interactive experiences in Spanish, personalized, real conversations, interactive storytelling, and comprehensible readings.  However, we also provide clear grammar explanations and show you how the grammar is used in the context of conversations, stories, instead of simply giving you lists or rules to memorize.  We guarantee your comprehension levels will rise quickly and effortlessly!

Core Fluency’s courses:

  • are taught in person, to small groups of 4 – 16
  • focus on high-frequency vocabulary – to teach practical, useable Spanish
  • are personalized to the student’s needs and level
  • provide intentionally guided experiences
  • use comprehensible-input teaching methods
  • provide experiential, personalized conversations and activities
  • ALSO provide clear grammar explanations, plus show the grammar in-context
  • offered in ongoing classes to fit your schedule or customizable for your business
  • teach to all types of learners
  • are interactive, and non-traditional
  • increase proficiency in all areas: listening, speaking, reading, and writing

Core Fluency’s courses are ideal for:

  • all ages of adults who want a new and effective way to acquire Spanish
  • travelers, teachers, and business professionals
  • those frustrated by forgetting everything from past Spanish classes
  • nontraditional learners, who enjoy active, flexible, and humorous classes
  • total Beginners through advanced Intermediates

Class Size:

  • Core Fluency classes provide personalized teaching to all students. The classes are extremely small, guaranteeing you the ability to get all of your personal questions answered, full participation in class conversations, practices, and role plays.  Each student will be part of the teacher-led student personalized conversations in order to practice all new vocabulary and all grammar concepts.  Instead of watching a few students be led through conversations or stories, your personal story, questions, and interests will become part of the class experience!


  • Core Fluency classes teach Spanish COMPREHENSION AND FLUENCY through experiential, repetitious use of the language, in the context of real and fun situations.  We use TPRS (Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling), as well as many other Comprehensible Input – based teaching methods. SEE MORE on Core Fluency’s METHOD.


  • We turn the “complicated” into simple and accessible and useable!  We provide all grammar explanations within the context of useable, comprehensible stories and fun, personalized conversations, so that you can seamlessly apply what you learn in class in the real world!

Teacher Planning and Follow-Up (we keep working after-hours for you!):

  • Core Fluency teachers do not just show up with one curriculum which is repeated every year.  The classes are planned and adjusted and made fresh each time, depending on the learning level of the class.  The teachers get to know the students well, know which word structures they do and do not know.  They know what they are ready to learn next, and plan lessons customized for the current classes.  We get to know each new student and plan adjust classes for the needs of the students.  Teachers also don’t show up just to talk with you in Spanish.  A great deal of preparation is done to make each class memorable, useful, personalized, practical, and new.


  • Core Fluency teachers also do POST-class work.  After class, teachers may type up the class-created stories or may type up the vocabulary and word structures used in class, if not provided during the class, and email them to students.  Also, teachers take photos of the word posters or the white boards before erasing them at the end of every class. We call these “word posters” and we make these available to students online, so that students are able to refer back to the posters.  This lets students listen and be involved in class, instead of constantly taking notes, and this resource is extremely useful for visual learners – who want to see the notes how they saw them in class.

More Support:

  • Teachers are always available to answer questions by email or phone before or after classes, as well.  Students are always encouraged to text, email, or even talk in Spanish when contacting the teachers, and teachers are happy to correct, respond, and converse with students in Spanish.  Many students take advantage of this extra, personalized teacher-access provided by Core Fluency.

Our Goal:

  • Our goal is to empower you through knowledge and experience, in a fun, safe, and personalized learning environment, so that you can use Spanish without fear, travel off the beaten path, have authentic experiences and find connection!


  • We hope you will allow us to serve you, empower youprovide clarity, and engage you in the wonderful, fun, and endless journey of learning about and acquiring the Spanish language!  Let the journey begin!


Let’s get started!