Find Your Level

Which Level am I?  Where do I start?


Core Fluency teaches language in a very natural way.  Each class offers more opportunities to hear, read, and use the high frequency word structures.  The use of the most commonly used words and verb structures prepares you for comprehensible, easy communication (in other words, fluency) right away.  

Each level will gradually:  EXPAND your vocabulary, require the combination of MORE verb tenses together, RAISE your COMPREHENSION levels in listening/reading, and raise your PROFICIENCY levels in speaking/writing.

AFTER you determine YOUR LEVEL from the descriptions below, click here to see what exactly is taught per class per level.

Level One:  (under 30 hours of class) This level is for students BRAND NEW to Spanish and for those just returning to Spanish after years of non-study.  As you begin (or begin again), you will become comfortable with 25 very frequently used verbs and all of the little connecting words (the, in, on, to her/for him, etc.).  Your confidence will quickly build as your understanding builds.  The Level 1 classes are taught as mixed classes (Level 1-2), as students progress more quickly with a variety of levels in the class.  Expect to do more listening and just relaxed absorption of the language as you begin.  Within a few weeks, you will be right there with the other 1-2 students.  Level 1 students are able to begin reading the first 2 books of the Blaine Ray Level One novels. Level 1 students are mostly working in just the present and the past tenses.

Level One-Two:  (under 90 hours of class)  This mixed-level combines the needs and learning stages for both Level 1 and 2 students.  For quite awhile, many students are level 1-2 (between both levels & gradually shifting each week).  For Level 1-2 students, we fill in the gaps that you may have in your current Spanish understanding or abilities, reinforce your foundation of verb structures, common verbs for everyday conversations, as well as continue to add verb tenses and more complicated phrases, so you continue to grow with every class.  As you move from Level 1 into Level 2, speaking will become easier, while you still need to do a lot of listening and reading of comprehensible material and conversation. 

We will build your understanding of the top 200 verbs in both present and past tense – in both reading and listening. Level One -Two students will be able to read all five of the Level 1 books in the Blaine Ray Novel Series. You will likely repeat Level One-Two for two semesters.

Level Two:   (about 90 – 200 hours of class) You are a Level Two student if you can understand/recognize the past & present tenses of the most frequently used verbs in both conversation and reading, and they can respond in conversation in basic situations.  In Level Two, you will expand your vocabulary, add more verb tenses and understand grammar via reading and storytelling, and continuously use all of the different tenses together.  Level Two students are working on many different verb tenses.  Level Two students will read through the four Level 2 Blaine Ray Novels.  You will stay in a Level Two class (or mixed level) for at least 2 semesters.  As a Level 2 student, you can attend either the Level 1-2 or the Level 2-3 classes – depending on your level, your past amount of Spanish, and how ready you feel to move on to the next level.  You may do more speaking in the 1-2 classes, and do more listening and absorbing in the 2-3 classes. Both are appropriate and useful!

Level Three:  (over 200 hours of class) These students are comfortable using all of the verb tenses and are able to have basic conversations with native speakers.  However, they still need more time, repetition, and use of the language, in order to build their fluency and raise their proficiency level.  For Level 3 students, we add additional vocabulary and introduce the more complicated verb structures, such as the use of the Subjunctive Mood.  We also continue to use all the tenses and vocabulary in a variety of contexts, conversations, and stories, continuing to work on fluency for everyday conversation and fluency.  Level 3 students are often mixed with Level Two students in a mixed class – intentionally.  Level 3 students get both the necessary repetition of the target language AND an opportunity to acquire additional skills, higher level grammar, & specialized vocabulary. You may stay in Level 3 (or 2-3) for many, many semesters.

Level Four: Most Level 4 students have lived in a Spanish-speaking country for at least 6 months.  This level is for people who are already comfortable speaking, writing, reading, and conversing in Spanish; however, they need or want to refine their writing skills or keep their conversation skills active.  Level 4 students take classes in order to maintain their speaking skills while they discuss novels/movies/cultural topics, to improve their writing skills, to prep for proficiency tests, and to cover any grammar questions!  The classes revolve around their questions, goals, or a cultural theme, and classes may be repeated.  Level Four students must interview with Core Fluency and arrange separate class times, for classes.


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