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The next classes in New York City start in October 2015.  

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It's never too late to learn Spanish as an adult! Having fun while learning Spanish - Expeditionary SchoolsBusiness Intensive Panadería-2

Our Method:

Core Fluency teaches through Comprehensible Input teaching methods to make the language comprehensible, so you can expect to easily acquire practical, useable Spanish.  You will acquire Spanish through a variety of fun, easy, experiential activities. Expect lasting results, instead of more forgettable Spanish!

What To Expect:

Classes are fun, personalized to the class members, and interactive! Vocabulary & fluency are acquired through the use of personalized conversations, silly stories, and compelling reading & writing activities. Word structures, verbs, vocabulary and even grammar are taught in context, not in isolation.  This is not your ordinary Spanish class.  We have a non-traditional approach, in order to create lasting results and make the class fun and the language memorable.  You will not be sitting still in a chair staring at a whiteboard for 3 hours, bored, nor chanting grammar endings.  You will be actively engaged, often moving around the room, utilizing a lot of different learning styles, engaged in conversations, lots of listening, and co-creating stories with the teacher and the class.  You will understand everything & will easily acquire the language without memorization, fear, or boredom.  You will never be called on to speak alone, take notes, reproduce information, nor speak before you are ready.  You will be asked to come with an open mind, listen intently, relax, laugh, and be open to just building your comprehension and letting the language emerge naturally when you understand and are ready to speak, without pressure.

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The Format:

We offer group courses for all levels.   Group Classes are fun, experiential, and offer a fast and natural way to acquire Spanish.  Ongoing classes are offered in the evenings.  Weekend workshops offer specialized classes for each level.

It's never too late to learn Spanish as an adult!      writing      Restaurante-1      CoreFluency-jumping class-premium slider

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