Beginner / Novice Low Spanish Intensive – Denver


This True Beginner – Novice Low Spanish Intensive is a Comprehension-based Spanish Intensive, delivering Practical Spanish with Lasting Results.  This fun and results-oriented 20 – hour immersion course is meant to quickly and easily give you the experience and tools to COMPREHEND more everyday Spanish. Comprehension is the first and vital step toward speaking another language.

MORE INFO: A full description of Core Fluency’s group courses can be found HERE.

For whom: 

This course is appropriate for true beginners or those with little Spanish background or education. This Group Spanish Course is for adults who have had no extensive previous Spanish experience – or who took Spanish so long ago that they can’t remember or use much Spanish. It is also for those who have not lived abroad nor grown up in a Spanish-speaking family.
It is for travelers, teachers, parents, and those who wish to quickly acquire an enduring foundation on which to build their Spanish – and have FUN doing it! Come experience the opposite of your stereotypical Spanish class!

The Method:

We intentionally limit the vocabulary so that you are only learning the most commonly spoken word structures, verbs, and vocabulary, that you will use in your everyday conversations. The language is taught in a fun, experiential method. Expect to be involved with creating silly class stories, personal conversations, compelling readings, and role playing activities with classmates in the classroom and even in a kitchen. Our natural and fun method insures that you actually ACQUIRE new language, instead of just learning about verb structures and word lists (which are naturally forgettable). 

You will build comprehension and recognition of vocabulary in a very natural way.  All grammar and new word structures are taught in context, conversation, stories, and role playing…just the way a child learns their first language. Naturally. Unforgettably. Easily.

You will gain:

• a higher level of comprehension of written and spoken Spanish
• the tools to interact with Spanish speakers with more confidence
• a rock solid base upon which to build your Spanish education
• ability to read a whole short novel in Spanish
• comprehension of frequently used word structures and verbs
• an ability to recognize and use the Present & Past & Future Tenses
• a realization that acquiring Spanish can be FUN and EFFORTLESS
• many more open doors for travel and everyday communication


This 20-hour per week Intensive will meet for 5 consecutive days, Monday – Friday.
Monday – Friday, 8 am – 12 noon
JUNE 18 – 22


William Smith High School in Aurora, CO

400 Airport Blvd Aurora, CO 80011   See MAP.

(Just 5 minutes from I-225 & 6th Avenue.  Surprisingly quick to find and easily accessible from all parts of town, especially from I-70, I-25, and I-225.  Free parking in parking lot.)

This is a fantastic, new, light-filled building with technology-savvy classrooms, large common rooms, and even a kitchen, which we will use for interactive learning experiences (cooking and coffee hour in Spanish!). Perfect for our type of teaching! 


Investment for 1 week / 20 hours = $475 + $20/wk materials fee


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