Our mission:

To cultivate connection and richness of life by offering a unique, personalized, and naturally unforgettable way to acquire fluency in a foreign language.

Our goal:

Teach foreign language with right-brained, naturally unforgettable methods, in order to:

  • encourage experiential travel
  • foster respect and connection between people of different languages
  • increase cultural awareness
  • improve service quality in businesses
  • enrich lives 

We believe:

  • Learning is a holistic process and a joy.
  • Input must be comprehensible and compelling.
  • Translation and transparency are the fastest ways to make input comprehensible.
  • Output (production) is never forced, but emerges naturally.
  • Personalization is the key to student engagement.
  • Language acquisition can only occur when the environment is stress-free and students’ fears are abolished.
  • All learning styles and the multiple intelligences are honored.
  • True language acquisition will be naturally unforgettable.
  • Grammar and vocabulary are taught in context, not by memorization.
  • Right-brained, holistic approach to language education is the only approach that instills long-term fluency.
  • Learning a new language exercises the right side of the brain, providing skills that will provide long-term benefits, including: higher creativity, better problem-solving, and even the delay of dementia.
  • One’s experience in world travel is enriched through the ability to connect  with people through conversation in another language.
  • Speaking another language shows respect for other cultures.
  • Speaking another language fosters connection between cultures.
  • Language enriches one’s life by opening the door to authentically experiencing the fine arts, foods, religions, traditions, histories, and geographies of the world.

Core Fluency’s Top 5 Values:

  • life-long learning
  • richness of life and experience
  • experiential travel
  • authentic connection
  • celebration of creativity, culture, and the arts