Core Benefits

Why speak another language?

Would you like to communicate fluently on your next adventure abroad?
Are you intrigued by the nuances of other cultures?
 Would you like to enrich your life?

Personal Benefits:

  • Be self-sufficient while traveling.
  • Have a richer travel experience with the ability to immerse yourself in foreign cultures.
  • Create more respect and professionalism in your business relationships.
  • Be more culturally and internationally aware & better able to act knowledgeably on a global scale, on global issues
  • Enrich your life with films, music, art, and literature in another language.
  • Make new friends, business partners, and connections across cultures.
  • Simply improve current relationships and have fun speaking to others in their language.
  • Find a better job due to being bilingual.
  • Delay dementia.
  • Acquiring another language is just one of the the right-brained, creative learning and problem-solving skills necessary to embrace & master in order to survive and prosper in the 21st century!

How will your business benefit from language instruction?

Are you frustrated because you can’t communicate well in Spanish?
Do you waste valuable time or worry about your safety on the job ?
Do you struggle to personally connect with clients?

Business Benefits:

  • Valuable time is no longer wasted due to miscommunication.
  • No longer struggle to connect with non-English speaking families.
  • Seal the deal with non-English speaking customers that you may have lost before.
  • Expand your company internationally.
  • Travel for business without a translator.
  • Improve the quality of services you provide by improving communication with your clients, customers, or patients.
  • Touch more lives by showing more respect for other cultures.
  • Communicate better within your company, between employees, employers, and co-workers.
  • Create more wealth in your business.
  • Be able to connect with more clients domestically and internationally in their language.
  • Open doors of possibilities you never knew existed.
  • Quickly and permanently shift the way your clients see you.
  • Acquire fluency in Spanish in efficient, productive, practical Intensives, without travel or time expenses.
  • Gain personal benefits along with your company’s financial benefits.
  • Find the Return On Investment that is beyond calculation!